Introducing Luke


At the intersection where vision meets dedication, there’s Luke Hemmings. Since founding the firm in 2019 with his mother Suzanne, Luke has not only grown the company, but he’s also challenged and redefined the traditional capabilities of a recruitment agency.

Since Coceptive’s inception, he has garnered countless prestigious awards along the way. While a highly successful and award-winning consultant in his own right, Luke’s steadfast priority has always been that of developing those around him, instilling the belief in his staff that no goal is unattainable.

By re-imagining the level of value, a group such as this could provide and reshaping the agency landscape in its entirety, Luke has launched Coceptive Group into a league of its own. Not only encouraging growth, but actively facilitating it, Luke is constantly seeking out new avenues and opportunities for excellence.

Passionate about the personal success of his entire team, Luke is unwavering in his pursuit of developing, challenging and empowering others to explore and reach their full potential. Luke’s unrivaled advocacy for growth and empowerment is outweighed only by his commitment to community action.

Although scaling, directing and working within the group could easily be considered all consuming, Luke is at his core doing business in a region he has strong ties with. A pillar for his community, Luke’s innate compassion and generosity are the values that Coceptive is built on, with the concept of ‘giving back’ at the epicentre of all company initiatives.

Throughout every transaction and each stage of growth, this family and community centricity have seen Luke maintain integrity and authenticity so fiercely, it’s no wonder Coceptive is the leading recruitment agency in the Canberra and Queanbeyan marketplace.

Outside of work Luke loves to travel and cook authentic Chinese food. You’ll find him picking up his morning Chai Latte at Fika Cafe in Phillip. Looking for a dinner recommendation? Try Golden King Chinese in Phillip – it’s top notch!

When asked about his recipe for success, Luke says it all boils down to perseverance. Even if it takes years to achieve a goal, persisting is key if you want to succeed. Luke is motivated by knowing he can walk into the Coceptive office every day and work with a team that has the power to change people’s lives.


Luke’s Admissions:

  • MAHRI Member – Australian HR Insitute

Luke’s Affiliations & Memberships:

  • Justice of The Peace – NSW Government
  • Member – NSW Liberal Party
  • Member – Phillip Business Community
  • Member – Australian & NZ Mental Health Association
  • Member – Business Australia
  • Member – Canberra Business Chamber
  • Member – The Recruitment Network

Luke’s Achievements:

  • Finalist (Business Leader of The Year 2021) – Tiara Recruitment Awards
  • Finalist (Business Person of The Year 2021) – ACT Business Awards
  • Finalist (Industry Rising Star 2021) – RCSA Australia
  • Finalist (Business Person of The Year 2020) – ACT Business Awards
  • Finalist (Rising Star of The Year 2020) – Australian HR Awards
  • Finalist (Business Leader of The Year 2020) – Tiara Recruitment Awards
  • Finalist (Recruitment Rising Star 2020) – Tiara Recruitment Awards
  • Nominee (Young Business Leader of The Year 2019) – My Business Awards
  • Nominee (Australian of The Year 2016/17) – Australia Day Council
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