Introducing Ramone


At Coceptive, we have a few secret weapons allowing us to maintain our creative, unique and competitive edge. One is our Marketing Director, Ramone!

Ramone is responsible for managing our brand’s entire visual identity, from print to digital. Whether it requires strategic planning or creative problem solving, his insights and direction accelerate our brand to ensure we’re always competitive and at the forefront of the market.

Ramone brings his professional photography / videography and marketing expertise. A digital native, he is well-versed in social media, online advertising and running campaigns across channels. His incredible attention to detail, problem-solving skills and creative eye make him a powerful asset to our team.

As our Marketing Director, he sees every piece of work as an opportunity to use his creative problem-solving skills to deliver the very best solutions. Confidence and good communication skills are key to great creative work – both of which Ramone has in spades ­– as it requires conviction to pitch new ideas. As a naturally passionate, outgoing and creative person, he’s comfortable discussing new ideas and having open, honest conversations. (This allows you to refine great ideas ­– and get the bad ones out of the way!)

Luckily, our supportive culture is an environment where open communication flourishes. Ramone loves how our team members’ openness to conversation is matched by a strong focus on personal development. He is looking forward to honing his skills, learning new software and gaining exposure to new methods of creative thinking. Entering the competitive recruitment industry also presents him with a unique opportunity, challenging him to play a key role in strategic decision making and make Coceptive’s visual identity stand out with the “wow” factor.

Outside work, you can find him enjoying road trips, cliff jumping with friends and, from time to time, riding an e-scooter through the streets of the nations capital.


Ramone’s Affiliations & Memberships:

  • Member – Business Australia
  • Member – Canberra Business Chamber
  • Member – The Recruitment Network

Ramone’s Achievements:

  • 2021 Youth Business Person of the Year (Finalist) – Canberra Business Awards