Introducing Renee


Renee’s insatiable hunger for success is what drew her to Coceptive and what drew Coceptive to Renee. A desire to be part of a culture of excellence in a thriving environment, Renee was on a mission to seek the foundations in an organisation which replicated her own self purpose.

Social empathy and the ability to deeply understand everyone’s needs, interacting with Renee is akin to working with a close family member.

Renee works closely with our marketing team in styling and curating all our imagery and videography.

Dominating the local market required a new challenge, and hence Renee sought an intense and challenging environment in Coceptive’s marketing team. Usually found on location at one of our marketing shoots or in the boardroom beefing up her acumen, Renee’s passion to her craft is unrelenting.

She combines strategic thinking with inventive ideas to help us showcase our brand and reach our target market.

Renee thrives on collaboration and loves to see a project through from concept to completion. Defining success as: when work doesn’t feel like work and you look forward to doing your job, whatever it may be.

With a passion for music (she can play piano!), Renee loves going to live performances and the theatre and also enjoys getting out of the city and spending time in nature.

Her dream holiday destination is Japan and she can’t leave home without her sunglasses (the Aussie sun is brutal!)

Renee has been with the firm since its inception in 2019 and looks forward to what’s ahead.


Renee’s Affiliations & Memberships:

  • Member – Business Australia
  • Member – Canberra Business Chamber
  • Member – The Recruitment Network