Introducing Trisha


When you meet Trisha, you’re sure to be greeted with a smile. A trustworthy, empathetic consultant, her strong attention to detail, incredible memory and people skills make her integral to the overall success of Coceptive.

Her extensive career history in medical administration, customer service and hospitality has given her the skills to succeed as our remarkable Senior Associate. Trisha thrives when she is on the fringe of her comfort zone.

Constantly leaning into the edges in order to go beyond your expectations, but meet those of agencies. She endures every challenge to ensure you feel nothing of the kind. Trisha’s commitment to clear communication doesn’t necessarily make friends, but your success — which is celebrated with a trip to the database, where it’s straight onto the next. After all, the market doesn’t rest and thus neither does Trisha.

Trisha is someone who thinks on her feet. Active in a market that won’t slow down, energetic in an environment that amplifies it. It’s her lively character paired with the ability to connect that allows him to establish rapport with her clients and candidates in no time at all. Forward thinking and fast paced by nature, she thrives in the group. Committed to take recruitment in the ACT to the next level — because the area might be her home ground, but excellence isn’t found in comfort zones.

And on the personal side — international influences in her upbringing and the ability to adapt. A complex understanding of the moving parts that make a whole and absorbing every touch point of recruitment alongside the Coceptive team. Comfortable in the constant state of change and celebrating when the deal after the next is done.

A caring, calm presence, Trisha wants to ensure every interaction she has with people makes them feel included, relaxed and supported. She is looking forward to achieving great results for people and being with them on their journey, from start to finish.

An excellent notetaker with a fantastic memory and people skills to boot, Trisha fosters respect and openness, building on our supportive working environment. Her role is most rewarding for her when she has the opportunity to create positive solutions and help people, from clients and candidates, to colleagues. She enjoys being part of a team with a united direction.

Growing up in Victoria, Trisha moved to Canberra at a young age with her family, giving her the chance to thrive with great education and employment opportunities. Outside of work, she enjoys walking in nature, listening to music, and spending time down by Lake Burley Griffin.

Energetic. Dynamic. Steadfast. And like a good red wine, she is classic, timeless. Which is exactly what she’ll share with you when The Deal is done.


Trisha’s Affiliations & Memberships:

  • Vice President – University of Canberra Economics Society
  • Member – Business Australia
  • Member – Canberra Business Chamber
  • Member – The Recruitment Network